The Cover

The Cover

A music atmosphere that encourages reflection, inspiration, connection, and comfort.

Get to know The Cover, a private members club for entrepreneurs, innovators, and the culturally curious set within Barcelona’s 5-Star hotel, Sir Victor. The club’s events and benefits fall into the three key areas of life: wellbeing, business, and community. 

Its members have access to a wide variety of offerings, such as a convivial lounge with a bar and restaurant; a rooftop pool with an enthralling atmosphere; private workspaces for focused hours creating projects; and a wellness area with its own vegan and organic spa and high-performance gym.

The Cover’s dedicated soundtrack for the largest area of the club, the lounge, was created to meld perfectly with the thoughtful details and pristine light of the space, offering a breath of fresh air in the middle of the bustling city. Equipped with elegant materials, inspiring art, and a plush interior; members can get breathtaking views from an upper sixth floor while enjoying a musical ambiance that’s as diverse as its listeners. 

The mood is set with organic themes and melodic indie-pop tunes for slow mornings, warm R&B and jazzy songs for the daytime, and cool future soul with velvety vocals and nu-disco tracks for the evening moments.

A Mindful Investment 

Before The Cover opened in June 2021, we had already begun working together with Sir Victor’s Marketing & Events Manager, Anne-Sophie Rossell and The Cover’s Membership Manager, Margo Ford, in building a music identity and mise-en-scène that complements their community’s ethos.

For The Cover, investing in music was about more than setting a tone or vibe, it was about making its members feel both at home and like they have a place to escape to. Margo Ford shared, “I think that body movement and music can play into the consciousness and the mindfulness of both the way people work and the way people have fun. The investment in music is an investment in the local community — it’s a way for people to feel like they’ve traveled within their own city. Our members have roots in various cultures. I’d say probably half of the members are local, Spanish or Catalan, and half of them are international. It’s important for them to feel seen and represented, and Movement’s music curation plays into that. In that sense, we’ve really adapted to the times by working with Movement.”

“Music is something that can create a common denominator between people from all sorts of different cultures and backgrounds.”

– Margo Ford, Membership Manager

Margo added, “Part of being culturally conscious and creative is being exposed to things that are stimulating and new. For example, I feel like I haven’t heard one song twice over the course of the four months we’ve been open. If I’m talking about this from a personal standpoint, I think that it’s key to have diversity in all senses of the word, including a music selection that’s constantly changing, which Movement’s curations do. It contributes to the whole vibe of the club.”

A Journey for Daily Rituals, Mood Changes, and Energy Shifts 

The Cover wants to encourage people to not spend the entire day in front of a screen, but if they do have to spend some time in front of it, the club offers ways to optimize that experience for its members. 

Using music, we wanted to create a setting and mood that evolves with the days—one that partly fosters calm and focus, and partly fosters letting go and enjoying yourself. 

“The Cover’s idea is to make you feel like you can stay here all day; like you have everything you need. Movement has created a soundtrack for that, which is quite nice.”

– Margo Ford

When describing the music experience, Margo explained, “I like the arc of moods that are curated to create a journey throughout the phases of the day. It flows from the beginning to the end to make you feel at home, without the distractions of home. I’ve seen guests bobbing their heads, enjoying the sound. They also often ask what artist is playing.” 

Over the summer of 2021, The Cover hosted DJs on the roof every evening for members to gather around or for people to enjoy as they wrapped up their workday. In the future, Margo says she hopes to host more live music and incorporate more music into other activities. She added, “From what I’ve seen so far, people have really enjoyed the moods that Movement curates, I’d like to embrace that even further for members.”