federal café

federal café

A mellow and colourful soundtrack, mostly featuring upcoming talents and local Spanish artists.

With locations in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Girona, and Sitges, Federal Cafés are known for a healthy and revitalising brunch experience enjoyed in bright and friendly surroundings.

Hailing from Australia, founding partners Tommy Tang and Crick King struck upon inspiration in the quaint town of Federal on the coast between Sydney and Brisbane, in the hills above Byron Bay. In 2010, they harnessed that inspiration into their first Federal Café in Barcelona. Since then, they’ve brought some of Australia’s most delightful atmosphere and brunch culture across Spain. This perfect pair of interior designers and kind souls have meticulously put together a striving brand which today exists of seven cafes, each of them equally on point when it comes to their location, design details, and quality of experience!

Federal Cafés are a hotspot for healthy and fresh food: from avocado toasts to beetroot lattes, from veggie morning burgers to kale salads. Rejuvenating dishes and food service provided throughout the day attract not only students, freelancers, young mums, or weekend city visitors but also anyone else from the barrio who is looking for an international flair around the large, shared tables or just a pleasant place to sit on the terrace.

“I think seeing that people keep coming back, there’s a lot of regular users of their space, is a sign that they’re enjoying the whole vibe – the music, atmosphere, food, coffee, and service. It’s a whole package and people seem to like it.” – Tommy Tang, Co-founder

A music identity to match the cafe’s inviting warmth

No matter which location you’re at, it will captivate you with its inviting warmth. The scent of coffee and the lively conversations perfectly match with the Scandinavian furniture, fresh flowers, and large window fronts through which the light permeates the hip spaces, accompanied by a hand-picked selection of cozy tunes. 

The Federal Café music identity is closely entangled with its contemporary culture: a mellow and colourful soundtrack, mostly featuring upcoming talents and local artists from the underground scene.