Say goodbye to impersonal playlists with more misses than hits.

With Movement, you won’t get a selection of Top 40. We mindfully curate moods for your brand’s identity, space, vibe, and clientele. Your custom mix will reflect your unique ethos at every turn, weaving together an inspired soundscape for all to enjoy.


We believe in the simple, not the complex.

Having collected years of feedback, we’ve carefully developed the most innovative Apple native solutions on the market. Features such as perfect shuffle, sophisticated crossfades, advanced scheduling, on-demand features, and team security access are all adapted to your needs on our intuitive and interactive interface. Plug, play, and enjoy!


Humans are better than robots.

Our dedicated dream team of music lovers and fans listens track-by-track to gather and refine the freshest music selections that meet your brand’s highest standards. Most of us are either active music supervisors, musicians or have a background in the industry, providing us with unique access to emerging artists and undiscovered gems.


Music at the heart of your brand.

We have helped stand-out brands around the world develop a music branding strategy and in some cases, even monetize it. Our branding services include Music Editorial, Spotify Channel & Apple Music Profiles, Live Web Radio, Vinyl Limited Edition Box Sets, Acoustic & Audio Engineering, Multi-Zone Audio Planning, and more.

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