Design and music unite to create a welcoming, inspiring, and playful ambience.

Marset is a lightning brand that is renowned for its innovative and contemporary designs that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Marset has been crafting beautiful and high-quality lighting solutions for more than 70 years. With a focus on creating lighting products that enhance the ambience of any space, Marset has earned a reputation for producing lighting solutions that are both beautiful and functional. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and dramatic statement pieces, Marset’s range of lighting products caters to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Our paths crossed thanks to our long-standing client Hotel Brummell in Barcelona, where Marset is also represented with numerous lamp designs that brighten up the cosmopolitan guests’ stay. When Javier Marset, CEO of Marset, asked about the music concept, hotel owner Christian Brummell was kind enough to introduce us. After a first project with friends from Javier in Andorra, we finally got the chance to collaborate with the brand itself during two special events.

Music Identity

When we first spoke to Javier Marset about the brand’s musical identity, the brief was pretty simple and straightforward: “Just great music that is connected to our origins in Barcelona and makes people feel good”, and we thought that it was a bull’s eye. As we got to know the brand better, we also wanted the musical identity to reflect the aesthetic: fun-loving yet sophisticated, contemporary yet timeless. 

Showroom Opening in NYC

In December 2022, we then created a special experience with music at the re-opening night of the Marset showroom in Williamsburg, NYC. Interior designers, architects, journalists and friends were able to catch a glimpse of the collection while enjoying an evening of innovation, creativity and sounds hand-picked by Movement. The cocktail-party mix was very eclectic, with sounds from talented artists and groovy, catchy tunes for a delightfully festive moment. To name a few of the amazing artists who were featured, from the iconic Grace Jones, Blondie or Elia y Elizabeth to the acclaimed Khruangbin, Nu Genea or Parcels, as well as up-and-coming acts such as Gabriels, Brijean or Lava La Rue.

Milan Design Week in Fuorisalone

Following the success of our first collaboration in New York, Javier Marset invited us to carefully craft the soundtrack for their exhibition at Milan Design Week in Fuorisalone (2023), for which they created a unique exhibition concept with creative Folch Studio. Unseen Rooms was an immersive exhibition that unveiled Marset’s latest collection in a Milanese flat, showcasing the infinite capacity of lamps to tell stories and create spaces that no one had seen before. A total of 5 new lamp designs that the brand wanted to highlight were each assigned to a room in the fla,t and a concept was defined with which the experience should be associated in order to create a dialogue with the product.

To accompany the multi-day exhibition, we created three customised event playlists for the morning, daytime and evening mood. The days started with a pleasant feeling of warm tones, dreamy vocal layers and organic, sunny songs for a tender atmosphere. During the day, a variety of pop melodies provided an energising feeling, and in the evening, groovy beats and silky smooth, soulful vocals provided the ultimate feel-good experience for drinks and mingling.