Hotel Pacai

Hotel Pacai

A calm, peaceful, and contrasting music universe that stimulates the senses.

Inaugurated in the spring of 2018, Hotel PACAI is the first member of Design Hotels in the Baltic States. This stunning Baroque palace and former residence of the noble Lithuanian Pacai family was one of the most ornate buildings in Vilnius for several centuries. Dating back to 1677, the palace has witnessed the times of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth, the rule of Russian tsars, and Napoleon’s grand arrival in Vilnius. Today, it offers one of the most sought-after experiences in the heart of Vilnius’ Old Town.

To stay at this award-winning hotel is to become immersed in a world infused with history, romance, and intrigue while relishing elegant and lavish rooms. Elevating the setting even further, the hotel features a boutique spa, a courtyard that encourages mixing and mingling with locals, a gourmet restaurant, lounge bar, library, and meeting rooms.

Shifting Musical Moods 

For Hotel PACAI, we created a calm, peaceful, and comforting music universe, including organic tones inspired by Baltic nature. Aligned with the hotel’s architecture and interior design, visitors will discover contrasted yet cohesive music moods. 

The main music zone – the lobby, living room, and library – invites those passing through to soak up the experience as the sounds of sophisticated beats with abstract glitchy waves, warm nu, and classic soul pieces, and rare grooves of layered percussions, brass, and whimsical crooner vocals gently dance around them.

Donatas Mekionis, Hotel PACAI’s Sales Director shared, “I enjoy how the music is different throughout the day. I’m probably most influenced in the morning; the good music wakes me up quickly and gets me in the mood for work.”

For maximum relaxation at PACAI SPA, we selected echoing vocal swells, angelical strings, and ambient pieces for a pleasant drifting sensation while receiving luxurious wellness treatments with advanced skincare products.

“The SPA’s musical selection allows our guests to more effectively stimulate the senses and perceive the warmth and relaxation that we want to give off.”

– Gabriele Pelenyte, PACAI SPA Manager

Soundtracking a Dining Experience to Remember 

Our partnership with Hotel PACAI expanded in 2019 with the opening of PACAI restaurant. Its creative, curious, and hospitality-driven team, led by Executive Chef Arnor Bjarkason ensures a unique and memorable dining experience for hotel guests and locals alike.

The in-house restaurant is a place for people who are constantly on the lookout for the flavours of life, who appreciate both good food and an authentic environment.

The music they discover here is as alluring as the culinary delights: smart piano and trumpet solos, unrivaled lyricism, and sultry pulses describe the atmosphere best before nighttime. Patrons who stay at the lounge bar for some of the best cocktails in town will be captivated by the multicultural sounds and percussion sure to spark conversation.

“Movement’s music creates an emotional experience not only for hotel guests but for employees as well.”

– Donatas Mekionis

It’s All About the Details: Music Cards for Turndown Service

Several studies have confirmed that music can reduce the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, decrease blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rate, and may even have positive effects on sleep via muscle relaxation and distraction from thoughts.

With this in mind, we curate the ‘Evening Echoes’ selection for Hotel PACAIs turndown service, a soundtrack that promises to soothe the body and mind for a good rest. As a special gift to their guests, the hotel staff leaves a branded music card in each room with the corresponding Spotify playlist code provided by Movement.

“One of our top priorities is to provide a new experience for our customers, and the music cards are one of the tools that make a big difference,” Donatas Mekionis explained. “Our value as a hotel largely lies in the unique experiences we offer to guests that make them feel special,” he concluded.

The seasonal “Evening Echoes” playlist as well as some of “Pacai Collection” music highlights are also available on Hotel PACAI’s official Spotify channel