An unconventional musical approach that is simple yet sophisticated, honest yet ironic.

Since Lorenzo Fluxà founded the Spanish shoe brand in 1975 in response to the demand for a new and fresh style of footwear, Camper has become a global design powerhouse whilst maintaining its strong local Mediterranean roots. 

Flirting with art and design from the beginning, the brand has had an appetite for doing things differently. Always inspired to create a unique way of walking through life, Camper is renowned for its highest commitment to creativity and quality standards. 

The strength of Camper’s existing brand identity was an advantage when we began collaborating with them on several projects. Our goal was to further develop that identity through a multi-level listening experience. After all, music and audio are deeply engaging ways to build a stronger customer relationship by taking them on a creative journey. 


A new chapter has begun for CAMPERLAB with the appointment of Achilles Ion Gabriel as Creative Director and the launch of his first F/W collection in 2020. His mission is to reinforce and transmit the principles and values that have characterized the Mallorcan brand since its inception while seeking new forms of design and communication based on authenticity, surrealism, and a subtle sense of humour.

For this reason, in consultation with the HQ teams and Achilles, we have made an unconventional choice of music with a blend of Spanish songs from the 60-70-80s, tropical rhythms, some instrumental interludes with subtle electronic notes, a dash of soul gems, a bit of African music, and a taste of space pop. Often inspired by the beauty of contradictions, our guiding mantra is: always fun, never serious.

Branded Podcast: “Walking Together with…” 

In collaboration with Camper, we produced two podcast episodes of the show “Walking Together with…”, in which Miki Leal invites listeners to Spain’s capital. The plastic artist takes listeners on a personal tour of Madrid’s Salamanca district, revealing his favourite shops, restaurants, and landmarks from around the neighbourhood, while talking about his connection to Camper and what meaning and impact the brand has had on him. 

Our sound engineering team accompanied the crew during the recording in the streets of Madrid, capturing in real-time the sounds of the buzzing city as well as Miki’s voice. Post-production, mixing, and sound design took place in our audio studio in Barcelona. We also managed the hosting and Spotify distribution of the podcast. 

With a strong media campaign on the Camper website blog and social media platforms, this format helped raise brand awareness while adding another layer to their storytelling.